Hi, I'm Jacob!

I write code, tinker with servers, and do other stuff on the internet. Welcome to my 'personal webpage'.

I have a passion for free and open-source software, eg Ubuntu, and enjoy working on and bettering community projects (especially those that work on open-source software), such as Wikipedia.

Irregularly, I write web apps (basically none of which are useful), mainly in PHP and/or Javascript, and upload them to my projects page.

I write code mainly in Python and PHP, though I'm expanding my knowledge with both languages!

I work a lot with servers, previously more Windows Server, now more Ubuntu server. In the past, I've run a domain, IIS server, a VPN, remote desktop services server, and much more on Windows, on the Ubuntu side, I have/do run cloud-storage services, Apache servers, DNS servers (BIND), a VPN (Pritunl), email servers (previously MailCow, now a custom system), plus a lot more stuff.

I’m currently doing a lot of stuff for TreeTopHost and salut.pm.

I run a blog called Unfathomable.

I'm @jacobsammon on GitHub, @ja_sammon on Twitter, and I have a page full of my RSS feeds.

Jacob in August, 2020.

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